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In this trying time of social distancing or quarantine, exercise isn’t likely going to be on the top of most peoples list of priorities. However, no matter what your fitness level this is a good time to take full advantage of the numerous online resources that can help keep your body moving, improve cardiovascular fitness, get your muscles activated as well as all the other benefits it will bring to your health and well-being.

If you are not sure where to look then you can start here with these workouts from our very own Carys Swanton and her blog Bring Me Sunshine

For beginners:

Back to Basics Workout

Back to Basics Workout 2- Return of the Basics

Back to Basics 3- Basic and Beyond

Low Impact Home Workout

Upstairs workout

More intense workouts:

Full Body Circuits

Summer Workout (can be performed any time of year)

No Crunch Core Exercises

Quick Pulse Raising Workout

Butt, Butt, Butt (Glute focused workout)

New Year Fat Burner (can be performed any time of year)

Workouts using equipment:

Lower Body Circuit (Dumbbells)

Mini Band Exercises (Mini resistance Loop band)

Quick Dumbbell Workout

These workouts all include descriptions of the exercises and how to work through them. Be sure to warm up before performing any exercise.

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